Daylio – Just Get it!

Daylio – Just Get it!

The 39-day streak continues with Daylio! What is Daylio you may ask? It is one of the best and most productive applications in the app store! Daylio not only, tracks your mood but essentially is a micro-dairy/journal that really zones in on your feelings, thoughts and you can list the activities of basically whatever you’re doing in that time frame i.e. Hanging with friends, talking to your boyfriend, at the gym, eating, etc. and over the course of a few days to weeks it tally up your feelings into 5 moods – Rad, Good, Meh, Sad, Awful and it showcase the daily activities with said mood which you can later discover hidden patterns or even triggers that may be good or bad nevertheless it becomes a real eye opener to starting a useful habit of a convenient journal, shows progression or staying on top of set goals.

When I was younger, btw. ten to maybe twenty, twenty-one, my primary hobby was writing and to this day I have several dairies and journals just all over my house of random thoughts, poems but mainly of my feelings and my everyday life. As I got older other things like work, hanging out with friends, being social and starting a love life basically was my all in all and journaling was pushed to the side until my boyfriend introduced me to Daylio. He’s a lot like me in the sense of trying to become more mindful and meditating daily. I was very apprehensive due to having a lot on my plate at the time but he had me at it’s FREE, it tracks your MOOD, and if I didn’t like it in two weeks then I can just delete. So I decided to give it a try and I ended up downloading it and not only did I LOVED IT but after 2 weeks – I bought the PREMIUM for 2.99$!

HAHAHA, If you know me 2.99$ for an app is out-of-control and I’m such a frugal person that this was a BIG DEAL. NO, I am not getting paid to promote this app…which should’ve been my first statement but holy cow, after 2 weeks I’ve seen that “hidden pattern” and within almost 2 months, I can better associate my feelings with the activities that I’m doing. Discover some triggers that made me sad or frustrated but most importantly happy and loved. Some images will be censored and or cropped out because they’re personal, obviously, but I think everyone who is mindful or is trying to become mindful should take the time out to download the app for FREE and start Mindful journaling. Like myself, I’m mostly RAD or OVERZEALOUS when I’m in the kitchen…creating SOAPS! I’m always happy when I’m with my nieces and nephew or I can become extremely tired after several social events which reminds me that I need to recharge and schedule social events after I’m feeling a bit more lively and not to overextend myself to the point of exhaustion.

Today’s Micro journal…

Your entries do not have to be extremely long but it can be short and sweet. I have way, way, longer entries but for today’s topic lets focus on what Daylio can do for you.

A prime example of my mood counts and activities (I have a lot so I had to crop mine), for the month of February, is listed below for your viewing pleasure and because I started Daylio, January 27th and thus far haven’t missed a day.

It also allows you to create goals, which I’ve started effective tomorrow, 3.7.19 at a crossfit gym. Wish me luck!

And lastly the more section, this is where my good ol’ 2.99$ came into play! NO ADS, you can add unlimited moods and emoji’s (all editable), unlimited reminders to create an entry which is an absolute plus, and most importantly you can export your entries and print em!


I honestly hope, you guys give Daylio a free shack and if you like it as much as I love it then you’re welcome in advance! 🙂 Happy Journaling or should I say Daylio-ing. lol

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