Practicing Self-love and Self-Care

Practicing Self-love and Self-Care

My journey practicing self-love and self-care, could not come at a better time than May which is significant because it is Mental Health Awareness Month! This definitely was unintended but for the past few months, SIX to be exact, I’ve been running on fumes and my body became weary. I was overworked mentally and psychically from just everyday living! I have a pretty humble lifestyle; work 9-5, spend time with family and boyfriend…sometimes friends, I run errands, go to the gym, travel and make soap/natural products. However, to put it simply I was overwhelmed and the signs showed.

I was very irritated by the little things, became fatigued, less social and more snappy to everyone around me.

I also became sick (several times), each time worst than the other which I choose to ignore. I took over the counter (OTC) medicines i.e. Nyquil, Vicks, I did home remedies with teas and vitamins/probiotics and decided that I can push through it all but I was wrong. I had a few signs of relief but in the end, I needed to go to a doctor and to my surprise, I had walking pneumonia and the flu and not to mention the month prior I had strep and upper respiratory infection. I was prescribed Antibiotics, Tamiflu and was ordered to stay hydrated and rest which I followed as per doctor’s order.

Within 48-72 hours, I’ve had the best sleep of my life with the occasional being miserable from being in bed not able to have too much solid food and secretly because I didn’t know HOW TO RELAX AND EASE MY MIND. I’ve meditated previously on and off for the past year or two years and this time it was completed different. I was able to focus and center my mind which had lasting effects when I became well.

My first order of business was to provide myself; mind and body with self-love and self-care regardless of what others may have to say or their views on me wanting to have more of ME TIME than spending it with others. Side note: If you’re not mentally or psychically well for yourself you will not be any and I mean ANY help to those around you – how can you take care of someone else’s needs when you’ve hardly taken care of your own! By improving yourself through self-love and working on your self-care, you’ll be more confident and increase your self-esteem bringing more positive vibes to you and everyone around you…okurrr.

You do not and I repeat DO NOT have to go out and BUY expensive items to begin your self-journey!

You can first start by STAYING IN; running a warm bath, meditating and/or reading a good old book!

First Draw a warm bath, I’ve added a few drops somewhere around 15-20 drops of Serenity essential oils by DoTERRA (any essential oil will do i.e. peppermint or lavender), one that relaxes you or your favorite scent.

Don’t forget to bring a book and some snacks! Facial mask *optional*

You can get your book at your local Target, a Library or Barnes and Noble, etc. My sister actually gifted me this book for Christmas, YAYY!

I love fruits so you can pick up your favorite fruit or veggies at your local supermarket or Costco/Bj’s if you like to buy in bulk and have it last all week! And don’t forget facial mask, totally optional but I was gifted this awesome Japanese facial mask by my awesome boss and it left my face feeling soft and refreshed.

I spent the last 30-45 minutes in the bath, having ME time! I put on my facial mask and had a few berries then spent the first 15 minutes meditating which came easy. I felt my body sinking into the tub and the soothing smell from the essential oil left me feeling at ease. At this moment I left completed unplugged! Later I finished my berries and read the first chapter of “Becoming Michelle Obama” and learned about her childhood growing up in the southside. Then I rinsed off, dried my skin and put on my sweet marjoram body butter. I’ve never felt more rejuvenated than I did on this day!

now you do not have to do exactly what I’ve done but here are some tricks and tips which are cost-effective for practicing self-care which leads to self-love, builds confidence, self-esteem and overall helps with your mental and psychical health in your daily life. You’ll feel less overworked and have better inner peace.

*Unplugged – spend about 30 minutes or more by yourself without electronics, in this time you can read a book or journal or sit with your thoughts and repeat affirmations.

*Meditate – spend anywhere btw. 5-30 minutes, sitting by yourself on a chair or floor even laying in bed; you can focus on your breath, breathing in positively and exhaling all negative energy and thoughts

*Eat something Yummy – doesn’t matter if you prepared it yourself, have your significant other prepare it or just plain old order in or do a carryout meal but you pick your favorite dish even if you’re dieting, you can have ONE cheat day and just enjoy every bite of that delicious meal, whatever it is.

*Wear something that makes you feel outstanding – Just like Stella got her groove back, hit your closet and pull out what makes you feel sexy! It can be a t-shirt and some sweats or tights (my ideal outfit) or a slim-fitting dress with flats better yet some jeans and heels…who knows your style better than you so pick what makes you feel like the best YOU that YOU can be.

*Napping – there is nothing better than having a nap during the day on a weekend without interpretations. Try an hour or two hours to herself by resting not only will you feel energized but you’ll be ready to conquer any social event or errands you have later that day.

So you see, self-care does not have to be expensive, you don’t need to buy brand name items or go to fancy places although you can do a purchase that cost serval hundred of dollars because you know what you deserve it after working super hard for your hard earn money to start your own personal growth of self-care which goes hand in hand and leads to self-love! xoxo

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